Bed and Biscuit offers a full array of grooming services including baths, nail clips and full grooms. In most cases, if your pet is dropped off by 8:30AM they will be ready to return home at noon.

Why Should I Have my Dog Groomed?

Most pet owners confuse grooming with clipping. Clipping is only one procedure in the grooming process. Grooming also includes combing and brushing, cutting nails, plucking hair from ears, and parasite control. (Many groomers feel that teeth cleanings are best left to veterinarians, and in some states, groomers are not permitted to clean pets’ teeth.) Although the most obvious result of these procedures is an improved appearance, the major benefits to your pet are increased comfort and social acceptability, and perhaps even improved health.

Do All Dogs need Grooming?

All dogs need an occasional bath, but it is more important to keep your dog combed and brushed, especially if your dog has long hair. Matted hair can easily cause skin problems and unnecessary discomfort for your pet. If neglected too long, it might eventually necessitate a lengthy grooming session, which can be uncomfortable for your pet and expensive for you. Regular brushing improves your dog’s skin tone and circulation, and makes the coat healthier and more attractive.

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