Our daycare is a very popular option for our guests. We offer it Monday through Friday. We pride ourselves in our individualized approach to daycare. Our daycare is designed specifically for your dog’s needs. For appropriate dogs, we feature lively, supervised, small groups of playtime. Some dogs are not physically or mentally ready for playtime and we provide an individualized program for them- i.e. trail walks, one-on-one playtime; for our senior guests, quiet time in the office with us and snoozing on our comfortable beds. If you have a rambunctious Labrador that loves to play with friends and go for a swim we can provide that, if you are going to be running errands all day and don’t want to leave your senior pet home alone we can provide quiet companionship for them.

Bed and Biscuit is not a group play facility where all pets are loose together for playtimes. Your dog will not be bullied or disregarded in the crowd. Individualized attention allows us to select playmates and activities appropriate for your dog.


Doggie Daycare is $25/day.

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